Scrunchie - Pandanus Palms of Straddie

Satin scrunchie 

Do you love Australia's coastline? If so, you will surely have come across the iconic Pandanus Palm trees! Celebrate these distinctive trees with this print. Set on a white background, each polk-a-dot features a photograph of the pandanus palms on North Straddie set amongst the gorgeous island scenery and beaches. There are so many gorgeous colours throughout the print, the Pandanus Palms design will suit a variety of hair colours, and will look absolutely beautiful with a wide variety of outfits.

  • Made from soft satin fabric with a silky feel and lustrous sheen
  • Glides smoothly over your hair - won’t pull or cause breakage
  • Quality 12mm wide elastic will hold your scrunchie in place
  • Wear in your hair or on your wrist

Designed, printed and handmade on North Stradbroke Island.

Featuring a series of photographic prints of pandanus palm trees taken on North Stradbroke Island, the Pandanus Palms of Straddie scrunchie will become a treasured addition to your accessories collection.

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