Design Tips | Morning Light for the bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom? Are you looking to create your own perfect oasis of harmony and relaxation?

A great place to start is by selecting a piece of artwork that you love, that brings you the calm and cosy feeling that you are aspiring to create for your bedroom.

Your artwork will provide the inspiration for your bedroom's decor, and you can use it as a starting point to select colours and patterns that complement it. For a serene and elegant look, consider soft pastel colours or neutral tones. If you want a more dramatic look, you could go for richer jewel tones.

For example, this wall art print entitled 'Morning Light'* captures a serene scene of delicate blues and pleasing pastels. The image was captured at the beach in the early morning, as the fog has lifted and the stunning cloud formations as the waves roll into shore. You could use these colours as your inspiration for your colour palette and decor style.

Your artwork can also provide the inspiration for your furniture choices. If you have a piece of antique furniture that you love, you can use it as a focal point and build the rest of your bedroom's decor around it. Or, if you have furnishings with a modern design, you could use it as inspiration for a more contemporary look.

For a rustic theme, rustic wood furniture for the bed and bedside tables paired with cushions, bed linens, throws and personal touches that incorporate the colour palettes of the artwork perfectly bring the look all together. Add some lamps, and decor elements on the bedside tables, and don't forget that window treatments are a major element so you can either add a pop of colour - the same shade as your artwork - or go with a beautiful off-white drape to finish the look.

Adding a touch of nature with some plants in the room will also help to create that harmonious and cosy feeling. Try an indoor tree like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a large floor plant like a Monstera Deliciosa. These plants are relatively easy to care for and will help purify the air in your bedroom, as well as providing a lovely green addition to the space.

So, there are a few ideas to get you started on creating your own perfect bedroom oasis. It's a retreat from the busy world, a place to relax and recharge. Remember to have fun with it and make it your own!

*'Morning Light'

Whatever your style, by starting with the artwork that you love, you can create a bedroom that is uniquely yours and that reflects your personal taste.

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