Design Tips | Selecting the Right Print Size

Let me guess: you've got a blank wall that's just beckoning for some beautiful wall art pieces. But where to start? How do you choose the perfect art for your room? 

There are lots of questions to consider, like whether your space would look best with a huge canvas or a smaller print. And then there's the matter of style—and the size of your wallet!

But today, we're here to talk about *size*. As in how big that print you're looking at really is. We'll walk you through a few steps to ensuring you get the right size for your space.

When designing a space, you want to remember that your wall art is the heart of your room—it is what draws the eye and makes statements about who you are and what you love.

  1. Artwork is the finishing touch to any room. Whether you’re looking to hang a framed print over your couch or nail a series of photographs above your bed, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start hammering holes in your walls. When it comes to hanging artwork, bigger is typically better. If you are looking to fill an empty wall with one larger piece, aim to fill about two-thirds to three-fourths of your available wall space.

  2. Where you hang your art is just as important as how you hang it. When hanging a focal point above a piece of furniture, such as a headboard or couch, make sure to leave enough space between the furniture and the artwork so that it doesn’t look squished. Try to keep at least eight inches of space between the two; if your piece is taller than it is wide, you can go a little closer.

  3. As a general rule, you'll want to hang your art at eye level. This will keep it from being too high or too low and make it feel more accessible while also looking more natural. Of course, this will differ depending on whether you're hanging it in your living room or bathroom, but generally speaking, you should be able to see the center of the piece without having to crane your neck up or down too much while standing near it.

  4. A great rule of thumb is to try to match the orientation of your piece with the way you move through the room where it will hang. If you primarily walk through a room side-to-side, then a wide horizontal work might be ideal—just make sure it doesn't look too narrow! If people are likely to be walking into and out of the room frequently, then a tall vertical piece might be better so as not to obstruct their path.

  5. When it comes to wall art, it's all about scale. Make sure you have at least 2 inches of blank space between your artwork and the edge of frame surrounding it. You can go wider if you want! Wide borders are meant to mimic the look of gallery walls, where pieces are tightly grouped together and surrounded by white space.

  6. If you're hanging multiple pieces together, try to keep them within about 2 inches of each other—that way they'll seem like a cohesive group rather than just a collection of random works tacked up on your wall.

At Ocean’s Echo, we delight in assisting our clients in choosing the perfect print size when purchasing any of our collections. We want you to have the perfect print - that includes the size. We offer mock up service to determine which print size suits your wall, simply send a short video panning the room and a few photos to us and we should be able to provide the best print size recommendations. 

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