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Coastal | Style Tips

Coastal | Style Tips | How to decorate your home in a coastal style


Coastal style can be a great way to evoke a year-long summer feel inside your home.

 a wave breaks in crystal clear blue ocean at the beach on Straddie North Stradbroke Island photograph by julie sisco 

 a sunset wall art print with a surfer at adder rock on north stradbroke island photograph by julie sisco  a wall art print of paperbark trees by the beach at home beach on north stradbroke island photo by julie sisco

This style takes its cues from the natural environment and invigorates the senses with its crisp colour palettes and light, open spaces.

Coastal style may be synonymous with beachside accommodation, but you needn’t live near the sea to make this timeless interior trend work for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about creating a coastal feel inside your very own home.


What Is Coastal Style?

When you hear the words coastal style, it might conjure up images of anchor motifs and blue and white stripes, but the truth is that coastal decor covers a much broader spectrum of interior style. It can encapsulate varying tastes, from bright, bold colours and prints to sleek and modern, even monochrome interiors. This can be seen in its various sub-categories, from coastal cottage to contemporary coastal to even transitional coastal. These all have key elements in common but have overall looks that are drastically different.


The essence of coastal style is more about the feeling it creates; one of serenity, calm and relaxation. Whatever your personal interior tastes, you’re guaranteed to find a way to make a coastal interior style work for you.


Think Natural


A coastal style lends itself well to casual and comfortable furnishings, with raw woods, rattan and jute taking centre stage. When it comes to textiles, crisp cottons and laid back linens help emphasise the natural look. These materials have an inherent sense of warmth that lends itself well to a relaxed, beachy feel without having to sacrifice elegance or comfort.


Coastal homes are associated with sunlight, and when it comes to lighting, natural is always best. If your home is in a shady spot, you can always create the illusion of more light by decorating in shades of white, avoiding clutter and hanging mirrors on the wall.


Your Coastal Colour Palette

Colour can have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your space, with a coastal colour palette favouring bright whites, sea blues and neutrals that recall the colours of golden sand and sun-bleached driftwood.


However, you needn’t feel restricted by this palette. Deep navy, dove grey and muted reds can all work just as well for a beach house feel. Even if you prefer a more black and white look, you can easily incorporate a beachside influence without taking away from your home’s overall aesthetic. Monochrome prints of coastal scenes, like this Pandanus Palm along the North Stradbroke Boardwalk, can make a dramatic focal point in your space while adding a certain beachside charm.


You needn’t go all out with a coastal colour scheme either. If you’re more at home with magnolia walls, works of art can be a great way to pick up colours in smaller items. You could match the soft blue of this ocean sky to a cushion on your couch, or the warm pink of this quiet sunset to a detail in your rug. As long as you stick to a limited palette throughout the room you can retain that coastal, beachy feel.


Don’t Be Afraid To Accessorise

Little details can make a huge difference when it comes to nailing your interior style. One great thing about coastal style is that it gives you the chance to use decorative items that are also personal to you. Accessories are where you really have the chance to express yourself and  share your family’s treasures and keepsakes. Those shells you found on the North Straddie coast or a seascape canvas of your favourite beach can bring back warm memories while also adding to your home’s coastal aesthetic.


A good rule of thumb when it comes to accessorising is to make sure that at least one element of accessory ties in with the rest of the room, so stick with the coastal theme and you can’t go too far wrong.


Embrace The Calm


A relaxed atmosphere is at the heart of a coastal home. Water has long been known to have a calming effect, and introducing images of blue, tranquil waters can make a huge effect on the mood of your space. Try hanging some coastal wall art in your bedroom, living room or even home office to promote feelings of relaxation. You might just be surprised at the effect it has on your wellbeing.


Of course, objects can only go so far in creating a laid back mood. Transform your home into an oasis of calm by adding your favourite candle or diffuser. Smell is one of the most powerful senses, and scent has the power to influence your mood on an instinctive and subconscious level. For a beachy vibe think sea salt, ocean breeze and driftwood scents that transport your mind to warm afternoons by the water.



So there you have everything you need to know about decorating your home with a coastal style. By following a few general principles, you can create your own beachside haven while staying true to your own tastes and sharing a little bit of you in your family home. If you would like some inspiration for some works of art that will compliment your seaside style, take a look at our coastal collection. There, you’ll find fine art prints and canvases capturing the ocean landscapes of North Straddie and beyond.

a crystal clear blue water wave breaks on Straddie wall art image with a living room couch

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