Natural Benefits

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It’s been well documented that nature is hugely beneficial in improving our well being. Not only does it reduce stress, but it can also have a positive impact on us both emotionally and physically. It can reduce heart rate, muscle tension and even our blood pressure.


And the good news is that you needn’t even leave your house to reap the rewards of time spent in nature. Introducing images of the natural world into your decor can be almost as effective as the real thing, and can make a world of difference to how you feel.


Here are a few ideas for how you can bring the outside in and create a calm oasis in your very own home.

An Art Print

Wall art is a great way to introduce a natural element into your interior as the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what kind of scenes speak to you. While some people may feel instantly relaxed when they look at images of beaches, others might be rejuvenated by the bold colors of a sunset.


Art can also be used to evoke memories that bring us joy. What better way to remember a family holiday to Straddie than by hanging a photo of the landscape up on your wall? Having a nature-themed art print in the home can almost be like looking out of a window, helping us to stay connected to the natural beauty all around us.

A Splashback

If you find that having images of nature has a big impact on your mood and wellbeing, you could even consider making them a more permanent part of your home. Splashbacks are a striking way to incorporate images into your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room and can completely transform the feel of your space. Ocean scenes work particularly well for this, exuding an inherently soothing feel and a little escape from our hectic everyday lives.

Everyday Items

With that being said, you needn’t go all out to experience the benefits of nature images in the home. A nature scene on a mug or coaster can be just as calming as a large scale art print, particularly if it’s an item you know you are going to see and use every day. If you have a home office, for instance, you could have a mini canvas on your desk right by your computer. You could even get a notebook with a beautiful landscape, so you could carry it around with you wherever you go and stay close to nature all day long.


The power of seeing natural imagery simply can’t be denied, however that power shows up for you. Whether you look to mother earth to feel relaxed, invigorated or more connected with the world, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how effective bringing images of nature into your home can be.

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