Choosing your print type

So, you’ve finally found that perfect piece of wall art. The beach scene that will complete your coastal decor, or the black and white photo that will look perfect above your bed. But now there comes another question. Which material should you choose for your brand new work of art?


There has never been more choice when it comes to wall art materials. In fact, it may surprise you just how many options there are. And each is unique in its own way, offering different qualities that will work better for some households than others.


Not only do we offer a wide range of materials for your wall art, but we have tried and tested many companies to source the best quality possible. Here is an overview of every wall art material we offer, including its benefits, any potential drawbacks and which ones will be best suited to you.



Canvas is a more affordable option and has a classic appeal that never goes out of style. Our canvas prints are produced by award-winning printers based in Queensland, and come ready to hang using the wire on the back. Our printers take great pride in what they do and will always make sure every image comes out picture-perfect. They use both premium canvas and inks to create vibrant images where every little detail shines through.


As long as you take proper care of your canvas by keeping it indoors and out of direct sunlight, our suppliers guarantee that there is no chance of your image fading.  This is the highest guarantee in the industry, and a testament to the faith they put into producing canvas prints of the absolute highest quality.

This Is For You If…

You want a budget-friendly and versatile print that will look good in any room of the house - ideal for those who like to change up their interiors often or are likely to move a few times over the coming years. It’s also great for those who don’t want the fuss of adding a frame or any extra parts in order to hang it up.


HD Metal Prints

Aluminum is inherently durable and is resistant to scratches, stains, fading, and even water or fire. This makes it much longer lasting than almost any other material (it can last up to 4x as long as even the very best photographic paper), and means that you needn’t protect the print with a layer of glass or laminate. Metal prints are also super easy to take care of as they can simply be wiped clean with either a dry cloth or using a non-abrasive substance.


Made by the same renowned printers as our canvases, when you order a metal print, the image is printed onto a special film layer, resulting in exceptional quality and a high-definition image. Negating the need for a frame (although you can have one if you would prefer), the HD metal prints come ready to hang, offering convenience and flexibility.

This Is For You If…

You prefer a sleek, glossy look to your wall art and are looking for a piece that will last for many years to come. Thanks to their durability, metal prints are also great if you live in a busy home with lots of children or pets, or if you want wall art for a high-traffic commercial space.


Fine Art Paper

Our fine art paper prints are made using Canson Rag Photographique 100% cotton rag paper, offering a completely smooth, matte finish that is of museum quality. The white tone of the paper is achieved using natural minerals, designed specifically to create a fine art paper that’s as long-lasting as possible.


This particular type of paper has one of the highest Dmax measures on the market, meaning that all the crisp details, tones and contrasts of your photo will be retained. Not only does our fine art paper look great, but it’s silky and soft to the touch with virtually no texture.

This Is For You If…

You prefer a more traditional style print and are looking for a high-quality image with a matte finish. Fine art paper prints are also great if you would like the option to customise your wall art with a frame of your choice.



Acrylic photographic mounts offer a unique way to display your art where the photo paper is sandwiched between layers of plexiglass to create a modern and durable acrylic print. Thanks to the premium plexiglass used by our suppliers, you are guaranteed no discolouration or UV-induced fading for more than thirty years and each one is polished by hand to ensure a premium finish


Acrylic prints are another easy-clean option that can be simply wiped using a soft, non-abrasive cloth. They also offer versatile hanging options, either provided with metal stand-out bolts or with the hanging mount at the back according to your preference. With no visible hanging attachments, this makes for a stylish and minimal way to display your wall art in modern homes, offices and commercial space.

This Is For You If…

You want a sleek, modern look from your wall art that’s also easy to maintain. As it’s not quite as easily moveable as some of our other material options, it’s also great for wall art that you will likely want to keep in the same spot. This type of print works particularly well in offices thanks to its durability and stylish appeal.



For a distinctive print with a natural feel, look no further than our wood prints. Our supplier transfers the image onto marine quality, FSC certified timber that’s strong enough to resist moisture and humidity and then coat it with a matte, clear laminate for a soft finish with a little extra protection. The raw material allows the natural grain of the wood to lightly show through, making every piece of art unique.


Clever grooves made in the back of our wood prints also mean that they can be easily hung up using just a single nail, minimising wall damage and making them easy to move around whenever you please.

This Is For You If…

Want a one-of-a-kind piece with a rustic appeal and aren’t too particular about colours showing up exactly as they do on-screen. The laminate used to create wood prints will change the image’s colours ever so slightly.


Metallic Photographic Paper

Created using Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper, our metallic prints offer an eye-catching and glossy look that will bring an extra visual element and depth to your piece of art. Despite its metallic finish, this paper has excellent colour accuracy with warm highlights and rich, bright tones.


Our supplier for metallic photographic prints has more than forty years of printing experience and are based in Brisbane. They use cutting edge machinery to ensure that every print comes out looking its best and are hugely passionate about the photography industry. Thanks to their expertise and use of top-quality inks and machines, our photos truly come alive when printed using metallic photographic paper.

This Is For You If…

You want to make a strong design statement, prefer a modern aesthetic and are looking for a paper print with a premium edge. Because of the extra shine, metallic photographic paper really draws the eye to your artwork, making it ideal for pieces that you want to take centre stage in your space.



A well-made frame can provide the finishing touch to your print, and our supplier is a family-run business that has been in operation for more than thirty years. Each frame is made to order, not only minimising waste but also ensuring that every frame is made to the highest standard. They go to great efforts to select premium timber and each frame is cut by highly-skilled workers using state-of-the-art computer assisted machines.


We offer a number of frame options from a rustic, beachy wood that works perfectly with our coastal collection to a more traditional oak or modern black and every shade in between. First, prints are mounted onto acid free foam core, then matted with either black, white or off-white matt board. Prints are then protected with either the superior non reflective Ultravue glass or perspex before the frame is added.

This Is For You If…

You have chosen a paper, canvas or metal print that you would like customise to suit your personal decor (or in the case of paper, simply add some extra protection). Frames are also a great final flourish if you are giving a piece of wall art as a gift.


The long list of materials may be confusing at first, but we hope that we have given you some useful insight into what kind of material will work best for you. However, if you are still undecided please feel free to email or leave a message through our contact page. We would be delighted to help.


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